About B’s Boutique

B’s Boutique was born in the mind of a Mother who has always put the health and happiness of her family first and foremost. As a dream grew into a desire, and from a desire into a reality, a business has grown and developed into a much larger grouping of individuals, all creating a new awareness and combined entity, and through this redefining the very definition and description of what a family entails. Supported by the Mother, her Son, Daughter, and Son-in-Law, the B’s Boutique family now constitutes more than 30 individuals whom are all breadwinners and supporters of their own families and whom work together in close proximity to ensure the longevity of the business and future of the company.

With each coming day our business grows through the creation of new products, the supply to new market segments and clients, and the continuous implementation of new and exciting systems, ensuring that the products that are supplied always leave an experience of enjoyment.

Our product range, like our ideas, are vast, and cannot be completely be encapsulated into a confined form, but can be described as products that enhance the daily art of living. We create Body and Skincare products, Home products, Personal products, Products that make Happiness a daily occurrence.

Through the art of our creation, we receive the enjoyment of our daily living, and spread it to whomsoever is willing to participate in our vision of Unity and Strength, of Love, Delight and Appreciation.

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