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Workshops & Education


At B's Boutique we have created an exciting addition to our currently established business offering. We offer Training and Eductional courses relating to Body and Skincare. Divided into 2 categories, we will keep on upgrading our service offering in future. Currently we have the following available:


Once a month, we offer a Do It Yourself Workshop specifically focussed on a certain category of product. Using semi-finished base products, we teach you to make your own Body, Bath and Skincare products. Product uniqueness is created though customisation by colour, fragrances and other additives. The current schedule for 2018  & 2019 is as follows:


 Home Care Products  Salts Powders header

22 June 2019

 13 October 2018

27 July 2019

 Bath Bomb Header  Emulsions Header

27 October 2018

24 August 2019


10 November 2018

28 September 2019

 Surfactants Header  Christmas

24 November 2018

26 October 2019

 8 December 2018

Oils Header Mani Pedi head

26 January 2019

23 November 2019


23 February 2019

Spa Products Skincare Header

23 March 2019

27 April 2019

25 May 2019  



Click here to download a printable list of upcoming workshops



As from 2019, we will be offering a 10 module course focussing on Cosmetic raw materials and product formulation.

Modules will be preseted monthly on a saturday, and each module will have a theoretical component focussing on relevant raw materials, as well as a practical part showing you to make a product from scratch. 

There are only 6 spaced available per year, so book early to avoid dissapointment. Cost per module is R 1250.00, payable by Debit Order.

9 February 2019  
16 March 2019  
13 April 2019  
11 May 2019  
8 June 2019  
13 July 2019  
10 August 2019  
14 September 2019  
12 October 2019  
9 November 2019  

Please contact us should you have any enquiries regarding either the workshops for or modular Training for 2019 by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to download a printable list Dates